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Hello World

Every time I find a new blog that I’m interested in, I look into its history to try to find the very first post.  I want to see how this blogger navigated the uncomfortable introduction of themself to the potential thousands of readers that they’d someday have.  (I mean, let’s be honest – everyone that starts a blog does so with the intention that people are going to read it.  Maybe even thousands of people. Maybe even more! Come on, Perez started somewhere didn’t he)?  I’ve started several blogs – maybe 4 – and only once have I gotten beyond the first post. 

First posts are so awkward.  They’re like the, “hi, my name’s Dana. What’s yours”? of the internet world. I was never much good at that, “hi my name is” thing either.  I suppose introductions in general are awkward.  How am I supposed to effectively communicate who I am, what I’m all about, what I love, what I’m passionate about – all in an introduction.  It’s not gonna happen.  I’m (obviously) a generally verbose, long-winded, wordy, sort of rambling kind of girl.  I don’t get straight to the point.  I gave you that birthday/Christmas/Valentine card that had a heart-felt message filling the 2 inside pages, and had that tiny arrow at the bottom, reminding you to flip to the back cover to find the rest of my very long (yet well written) note. Yeah.  That’s me. 

So, this first “Hello World” (as WordPress has kindly dubbed it for me) post isn’t going to let you know exactly who I am, or exactly what you’ll find here.  I’m not going to try to make that happen.  I think that if I try to do that 2 things will happen: 1 – I will certainly fail at it – as I said before, I was never very good at that introduction thing.  Plus, I’m sure there’s some sort of limit as to how long one post is allowed to be. And, 2 – I’m still not quite sure exactly what you’ll find here! This is not a food blog, or a fitness blog, or a fashion blog, or a pop culture blog, or a blog documenting the adventure that is being a stay-at-home mom to a rather adventurous toddler … although it may be an amalgamation of all of those things.  I love to dish about all of those things, and that is why I called this blog The Big Fat Skinny. I want to get right down to it – give you the big, fat skinny on all of those things that I love! It certainly is a sort of very general and varied group of interests, but hopefully some will find something interesting!

Happy reading!

Oh, so, hi!  My name’s Dana.  What’s yours?



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